The Art of Coding

A Holistic Concept for Real World Applications

TYPO3 Flow is not a pick'n'mix store of motley components. It's a framework which helps you with the infrastructure of your application. Object Lifecycle Management, Package Management, Resource Management and Security are on it's home field. Real business logic is left to custom packages.

Write Less

Whenever possible, Flow analyzes your code for choosing the right configuration for you. Clear conventions and an intuitive API let you concentrate on the essential parts of your application. After all you want to write PHP and not XML, YAML, INI, don't you?

Achieve more

Well-proven concepts from various frameworks, applications and programming languages were considered for the design of Flow. Techniques like Dependency Injection and Aspect-Oriented Programming open up new ways of developing PHP applications. But instead of just copying other solutions, the concepts have been carefully adapted to fit the "Flow feeling".

Endless Possibilities

Flow was created as the foundation of the next generation CMS TYPO3 Neos. Applications based on Flow can be used as a plugin in TYPO3 or serve as standalone solutions, completely independent from the CMS. By using Flow as an application platform, you get a CMS on top!